Chante graduated from Hunter College with a B.A. in Sociology. She is currently a freelance independent television producer. Chante has also coordinated events for Safe Horizon, Women of Strength, The Face My Abuse organization, and the Mama Luke fight against breast cancer foundation. Chante is the creator of Single in the City which is a quarterly speed dating networking event. Chante prides herself on being a champion of women’s issues and causes.
Chante currently produces three independent talk shows that double as web series for Brooklyn Public Network The Ladies of Madison Avenue, The Young Men of Vision and Brooklyn Xposure. She is the executive producer and creator. The Ladies of Madison Avenue is talk show that focuses on issues facing today’s modern woman. She also blogs for various media outlets as a relationship advisor.
Chante is the producer and film maker of her first documentary The New Face of Hunger which won the 2015 MegaCities Short Docs international film competition screened in Paris in September of 2015.